Sunset Lodge at Big Bear Farm


Here at BIG BEAR FARM with over 40 years of breeding Connemara Ponies, training horses and hosting competitions the Ertle Family is using their history of horses to help individuals in the community with mental health needs by providing faith based counseling services that combine the horses and  mental health professionals at Enoch Ministries.

ENOCH MINISTRIES INC. is a 501c3 program that provides individual, family, and group therapy with Licensed Professional Counselors. We provide everything from Traditional, Equine Assisted, and Soon ART therapy.  

Here at SUNSET LODGE AT BIG BEAR FARM Enoch Ministries is joining with others in the community to provide retreats for Veterans and their spouses to work through PTSD, Communication and Reintegration as well as Continued Educational programs. 

The Lodge is located at

777 Butts Mill Rd. Pine Mountain Ga.

For more information call Enoch Ministries

706-523-5005 or email


Veteran and Spouse Retreat Program 

We value our veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made. We are excited to provide retreat opportunities for Veterans and their spouses to receive assistance, gain tools and have experiences here at the farm to help them reconnect and move forward together in a healthy positive way.

Through the retreat we plan for them to experience the support of others, establish tools to live with invisible wounds that are affecting them. These retreats are conducted and let by Veterans and their spouses who are licensed or certified in various areas of expertise from Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Equine Professionals, Yoga Instructors, and others. You will receive a multitude of strategies needed to help you manage stress, burnout and develop more personalized self-care. 

Over the retreat you will experience individual therapy sessions, mindfulness techniques, and trauma informed yoga, Large and small grou discussions focused on solutions to common care partner struggles as well as Equine Assisted Phychotherapy.

Our next retreat is mid July 2022.